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How is the MT® Box fixed to the wall?

The MT® Box comes with both 3MTM double sided tape and screws/plugs for an easy and secure installation. Learn more or download the installation manual.

How much weight does the MT® Box hold?

The recommended maximum weight for the MT® Box to hold is 3 kg.


What are the dimensions of MT® Box?

The base is a square of 25x25x5,5cms, the transparent box measures 22x22x7,5 cm and has a volume of 2,4 liters.


Are there other sizes of MT® Box?

No, for now there is only one size. A lot of things will fit, and others will not.

Can I put food in the MT® Box?

The transparent box is produced in Food Grade material, which means it´s safe to put food in.


Can the MT® Box hold liquids?

The MT® Box is nearly hermetic when closed, but when placed vertically it is not recommended to hold liquids.

Can the MT® Box be washed in the dish washer?

The transparent box can be washed in the dish washer.


In what colors is the MT® Box available?

The MT® Box is available in 6 standard colors: Pure White, Dark Grey, Choco Brown, Gerrit Grey, Noa Coral and Charlotte Green(see store). Nonetheless, for large orders the MT® Box can be produced in any color.



Where can I buy the MT® Box?

The MT® Box can be purchased in our online store, in our studio in Barcelona, and in some select retailers.

Where can the MT® Box be shipped to?

The MT® Box can be shipped worldwide, dispatched from Barcelona.

Does the price change for larger quantities of MT® Box?

Yes, for orders over 50 units, a discount is applied. Send us  your desired order to for a customized offer