New: Manual Thinking Box in Cork

The Manual Thinking Box is now also available in cork, bringing a great look with a warm touch to both domestic and work spaces. Discover all the interesting properties of cork!

What is Manual Thinking?

The Manual Thinking® Box is created in the product design studio of Luki Huber in Barcelona, as part of a range of products ideated to simplify creative teamwork, available under the brand Manual Thinking®. The basic product range is set up out of a set of tools of foldable maps and removable labels, which help…

How to install

The Manual Thinking ® Box is delivered with both 3M™ high performance double sided tape, as well as with plugs and screws. The double sided tape allows for a quick installation on flat and sturdy surfaces; the screws and plugs are offered as an alternative for rough, unreliable and/or unstable surfaces.

Behind the scenes

The Manual Thinking ® Box is designed and made in Barcelona, as a fruit of the collaboration between Luki Huber´s design studio and Plastisan®, manufacturer of bath accessories from Barcelona.

Where to buy?

The Manual Thinking® Box is sold exclusively online, with exception of some select retail stores. Shipped worldwide!