Behind the scenes

The Manual Thinking Box is designed and made in Barcelona, as a fruit of the collaboration between Luki Huber´s design studio and Plastisan®, manufacturer of bath accessories from Barcelona. The design finds its origins in a precursor designed and patented by Luki Huber as early as 2005, which was ideated and produced in a limited edition for the use in the studio itself and as a showcase for an exhibition of Luki´s product designs for restaurant elBulli.

It was not until the design studio crossed pathways with the Plastisan® team during an idea generation workshop held in the Manual Thinking studio, that they decided to join forces and create a commercial and more versatile version of the original design, capable of being installed in both small and large quantities, as an esthetical storage solution for domestic areas or as a basic element for the creation of creative workspaces.

The driving team behind the Manual Thinking Box is composed of:

Antonio Gonzales, Clara Mulet, Juan Diego Gonzales, Luki Huber and Gerrit Jan Veldman.


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