How to install

The Manual Thinking ® Box is delivered with both 3M™  high performance double sided tape, as well as with plugs and screws. The double sided tape allows for a quick installation on flat and sturdy surfaces; the screws and plugs are offered as an alternative for rough, unreliable and/or unstable surfaces.

Download the full instructions here.

Installation with double sided tape:

installation tape

1. Place the two strips of 3M™ double sided on the back of the base horizontally with a distance of aproximately 10 cm.

2. Approaching slowly, situate the base on the spot of the wall previously marked and press firmly.

3. Let the base settle for 24 hours, and place the box in its base.


Installation with screws and plugs:

installation screws

1. Take out the inner cover of the base, by pressing and lifting up one of the 4 indentations.

2. With a sharp pencil, mark a cross through the 2 diagonally indicated incisions.

3. With a bit of 5mm, drill 2 holes of 4 cms at the two marked crosses, place the plugs and fix the base with screws through the 2 indicated gaps