Kitchen wall organizer

Manual Thinking Box, a great kitchen wall organizer!

The kitchen is an area filled with nice objects, although they tend to be piled up and hidden in drawers and cabinets. By using the Manual Thinking ® Box as a kitchen wall organizer you can get out your favorite utensils to organize them at sight and within reach. Apart from utensils, cutlery or textiles you can also store dry ingredients in the boxes, as they are produced in Food Grade material. Create a wall full of inspiration with a combination of pastas, legumes, nuts, spices, coffee & tea.

Not unsurprisingly, the initial idea for the design of the Manual Thinking ® Box occurred during the time when Luki Huber was working as a designer for the renowned restaurant elBulli. For exploring and creating new ways to serve, cook and experience food, the team counted with hundreds of samples of materials and objects. To be able to organize and use all these items, Luki invented a vertical storage system which would become a precursor of the actual design.